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Teen Wolf – Is Gerard controlling Jackson?

'Teen Wolf' continues to impress me with the complex mysteries and increasingly good character development. And they just might be nearing 'The Vampire Diaries' status with all of the intriguing questions they are creating.

- Season 2, Episode 6 - "Frenemy"

“What? Scott, I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, OK? Sarcasm is my only defense.” – Stiles

My guess is that Gerard is not the one controlling Jackson, but it’s another fun red herring, just like Lydia (not) being the Kanima. It sure was creepy when he just stood there (is intuition really a defense, or does he know more than he’s letting on?), watching the Kanima circle him. It looked to me like Scott saved him, but it didn’t look like Gerard thought he owed Scott anything.

I’m not sure it’s possible for Lydia to have a normal guy crushing on her, so I’m deeply suspicious of her cute new neighbor. More important than that, though, is why everyone keeps talking about Lydia and immunity. Scott thinks she can cure him, but I’m betting she’ll be the one who can save Jackson.

All of you Stiles fans … I’m starting to get on board. He gets more delightful with every episode. Instead of writing goofy antics for him, the writers are gracing him with witty dialogue and it’s all falling into place. I missed seeing him and Derek playing off each other tonight, but he and Scott have great chemistry and he’s really grown a set — Stiles is no coward, 147 pounds or not.

I think the Argent clan might be creepier than the Kanima; they are freaking everywhere! It was bad enough when Daddy Argent was lurking about the shadows in every episode, but then Gerard became principal and now Mommy Argent is a substitute? This goes far beyond nepotism into the realm of spine-tingling. That scene with Gerard feeling Alison’s pulse to check for lies was downright nightmare-inducing … I could not live in the same house with that underhanded kind of abuse. *shudder*

I continue to be impressed with some of the character development, and in “Frenemy” Jackson shone. It was very easy to just perceive him as the 2D jock/bully last season. We never really got a whole lot of why he wanted to be turned, except that he wanted the power. But this season, they’ve really delved into why Jackson is the way he is. The guy’s a pathetic character (not even telling his parents he loves them ever since he found out he was adopted 11 years ago), and Scott’s sympathetic nature really seemed to touch Jackson … or maybe just made him feel more alone … or a little of both methinks. Colton Haynes is really rising to the challenge of giving Jackson some deeper layers; his single tear, his anger, his cocky face when he was in the police station at the end, his horror at watching himself change — I’m truly enjoying his performance.

Lydia’s knowledge of archaic Latin shed some new light on the Kanima text translation — the Kanima seeks a “master,” not a friend. Was that a purposeful error on the part of the French teacher, to throw suspicion from herself? I still think she could be the one controlling Jackson (though there are a lot of suspects — the science teacher, the photographer, Gerard …). Either way, it gives a nice out for all the deplorable killing and stuff Jackson has done, because it’s not his fault — he was not in control. When Scott had his sympathetic moment and reminded Stiles that he did some not-so-nice things when he was not in control, it really hit home for every one — Jackson needs to be saved, not killed.

This and that:

  • Since Lydia is going to be the savior of them all, whether through her immunity or her smarts, she needs to find out what’s going on sooner than later.
  • I love how tickled Scott was when someone bought Stiles a drink at the gay bar.
  • Mommy Argent’s nickname for Stiles just might stick: “the odd one.”
  • I know I was supposed to love the scene between Scott and Alison in the car, but all I could think was 1) These are 15-yo kids; 2) Way to freak out a 15-yo boy by telling him you want to be with him forever; 3) These are 15-yo kids; 4) This is where the writers are still writing weak dialogue. Maybe Teen Wolf will be a bit like Supernatural in that with such two good-looking leads, they have never nailed a sexy sex scene in the seven seasons on air. Teen Wolf may just never nail romantic dialogue … but it’s OK, because these are 15-yo kids.
What do you think? Is Lydia the cure, either for Jackson or Scott? Who’s the Kanima’s master, and why are they killing in Dexter-like style, only murderers?

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3 Responses to “Teen Wolf – Is Gerard controlling Jackson?”

July 3, 2012 at 11:37 AM

I am really not sure if I should be applying the reasoning that kind of applied to both Peter being the Alpha and Jackson being the Kanima (that your spidey sense tingled upon first meeting and then you quickly discounted, he is basically in a coma….he is such a jerk, so kidding he would be the bid bad this year) so, to me, that narrows the suspects for the Master down to the guidance counselor/french teacher or Matt (the photographer, because seriously, he was right across from Isaac’s house when Derek and Scott were there, he clearly wasn’t actually participating in the lacrosse game when the Kanima cornered Derek and Stiles in the pool and even though I used this in my head to kind of like Jackson more, that he killed Isaac’s horrible father, maybe the Master did that..). I think Gerard is a red herring, in a way, I am guessing he knows how to gain control over a Kanima but just doesn’t have it yet (I really have to rewatch the scene in the garage) and his entire thinking right now is let’s not worry about it now, but let’s use it as bait to get Derek (I am not sure why Gerard blames him for Kate’s death, while Derek hated her, he actually dealt the killing blow to the being that actually killed her, you would think Chris Argent would mention that).

They really need to get Lydia in on everything sooner rather than later, not only would prove to be useful to everyone, it might help whatever the heck is going on with her (I have a theory that the kid is a Hale, he and Derek kind of look related, and he is trying to figure out what happened either, a. the fire (it would seem like Derek to forget to relay that to any distant relatives) or b. Peter (Peter seemed to be a full fledged adult at the time of the fire, might he have had a son who might not be a werewolf but have some of the heightened senses and is trying to figure out what Lydia’s connection to Peter is – I have heard the theory he is a younger Peter in Lydia’s head, but I doubt it, though I don’t think we saw him in the class before, but I have an issue with the Peter she is seeing in her head, because I would think if he had observed her from the inside, the Peter we knew would like to have her as part of his pack more than Scott or Derek)

July 3, 2012 at 3:42 PM

I (not the same Kate above) so agree with basically everything in your post. The show is really impressing me. When I first started watching, I honestly never expected it to get this good.

I don’t think Gerard is the one controlling Jackson either. It’s possible I suppose, but as creepy and skeevy as he is, he seems to be a true believer as far as hating all supernatural creatures. Seems like if he knew what he was, he’d destroy himself actually. My suspicions are definitely on the science teacher (he’s always been a little off) and now the guidance counselor is also in the running with that mistranslation.

Neighbor boy is definitely weird. Hard to know what his game is currently though. I like the theory floated by the other Kate that he could be connected to the Hales somehow. Someone to give Derek a run for his money? Hopefully. I like Derek, or at least I did in season 1, but he’s kind of pissing me off now. He needs to be taken down a peg or two maybe.

And yes, Argents are definitely awful. Seriously, they are all horrible, awful people. How did Allison end up so awesome? I hope though, that they can at some point in the near future resolve the whole thing with Allison having to sneak around to see Scott, with her parents constantly trying to catch her out, because it’s already getting a little old.

Jackson was great in this ep, and I actually found myself a little verklempt during the scene where he heard Scott defending him to Stiles. Some great acting from Colton Haynes there. I was actually hoping maybe Scott’s words had touched him, and they he’d finally accept help and maybe even friendship, but the end of the episode with Jackson smirking in the police station doesn’t bode well for that.

And you’re right about Lydia needing to be in on everything now. People need to stop treating her like she’s dumb, and now that she’s going to be showing how smart she is to Allison, maybe Allison will trust her and open up to her a bit more.

August 4, 2012 at 3:17 AM

Ok So Gerard is now controlling the kanima because he killed the guy who has a crush on alison but he was controling jackson but gerard is now controling him and i think uncle peter is going to kill derek and become the alpha again and hes gunna battle it out with the kanima cant wait

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