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Bio: Debbie considers herself a reluctant TV watcher and still won't have TV on just for background noise. The shows she does watch she is passionate about though, enough to shush her husband Keith when he tries to talk to her during them!

Posts by Debbie McDuffee

Mr. Big: The Big dream – SATC Week

‘Sex and the City’s’ Mr. Big wasn’t perfect, but he did represent the fantasy man for many viewers. Why? Because Carrie was able to change him from a commitment-phobic jerk into her devoted forever man.

Teen Wolf is becoming a character-driven series

It seems that every week, ‘Teen Wolf’ elevates itself to new levels of originality and quality. They’d better watch out — people are going to start expecting perfection every week. If they keep going at this rate, they won’t disappoint.

Teen Wolf – What is Gerard’s end game?

It looks like ‘Teen Wolf’s’ Kanima has an unlikely new master. This is going to change the way lines are drawn in the monsters versus humans battle for sure.

JJ Abrams vs. Kevin Williamson – The 2012-13 faceoff

JJ Abrams’ ‘Revolution’ and Kevin Williamson’s ‘The Following’ are each debuting in the 2012-2013 television season. Bob and Debbie discuss which of their shows is more likely to succeed in this week’s Quibbling Siblings.

Teen Wolf – Will there be a new wolf in town?

‘Teen Wolf’ just keeps getting better and better, and ‘Raving’ brings more reveals, more questions and a cliffhanger that could change the direction of the whole series, depending on how it plays out.

Leverage season five premiere – It’s Thief Juice

‘Leverage’ enters season five with a new setting, some good fun and the hint of a deeper mystery. Yep, ‘Leverage’ is back!

Teen Wolf renewed and episode order doubled

It’s official: ‘Teen Wolf’ will be back for season three with not 12, but 24 new episodes. Is that cause for celebration or concern?

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