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Teen Wolf – Will there be a new wolf in town?

'Teen Wolf' just keeps getting better and better, and 'Raving' brings more reveals, more questions and a cliffhanger that could change the direction of the whole series, depending on how it plays out.

- Season 2, Episode 8 - "Raving"

“(to Alison) She’s 21! (to his date) I told you I’d see a student here…” – Mr. Harris

Mr. Harris, Teen Wolf‘s resident chemistry teacher, has got to be a red herring, right? There’s still that strange bit about Jackson going up to his car, but do you think that either Mr. Harris is possessed with the spirit of someone who was murdered (you don’t think somehow it could be connected back to Peter? Or maybe Aunt Kate?), or that somehow the guidance counselor is controlling him? And how does Isaac’s father fit into the equation? So many questions tonight!

I knew there was going to be more to that guidance counselor than met the eye. She’s somehow connected with Alan, and we still don’t really know if he’s human or not … but I loved this line:

“So, what are you, some kind of witch?” – Isaac
“No, I’m a veterinarian.” – Alan

They both definitely know a lot more than they have been letting on about the Kanima. Do you think the guidance counselor mis-translated the ancient text on purpose?

I’m almost prepared to take back every negative thing I ever said about Stiles. The way they are writing him is spectacular. He may be human, but he’s an integral part of the team with the bravery to back up his being there. It was so much fun to watch him interact with Isaac and Erica — who would have known they’d work so well together? Watching his relationship with his father grow has been a true pleasure as well. His dad loves him, and dare I say understands him to a degree, and they really care about each other. The multiple layers of emotion they both had when the chief got fired were so well-acted on both parts. I never would have thought the stooge of the group could become one of the most compelling characters, but that’s where I’ve come to.

I was going to pretend I was a teenager this week, so I could look at Alison and Scott’s relationship from a different angle. However, it was handled more maturely in this episode, and more subtly as well. Alison clearly still loves Scott, but she seems to be pulling away from him, because of his alignment with the wolf pack. There was just some hesitancy in the scene where they kissed in the chemistry lab. She says she trusts him more than anyone, but I think there’s more to the reason she told her father about the plan. Was Scott right to yell at her at the rave? Probably, but it still hurt her feelings because she’s confused by his alignment with the pack and troubled by the split loyalties she’s facing; choosing Scott over her family must be difficult for her.

And it’s going to get more difficult when we see what happens with her mother. Clearly Alison will find out that her mother tried to kill Scott (for a kiss — really?). But she’s going to be devastated that her mother has been bitten. That could go in several directions. First of all, I can imagine an awesome battle for Alpha between Mrs. Argent and Derek should she turn. I can also see Lydia’s immunity coming into play here and Mrs. Argent using her to heal. Then again, her husband might just kill her before it comes to any of that. It will be fun ┬áto see how it all plays out.

This and that:

  • What are we supposed to think about Gerard popping that pill before the big takedown? It’s just likely he’s got some arthritis. …
  • Loved that Mr. Harris’s bumper sticker was the source for Stiles’ inspiration when he made the mountain ash stretch that extra 50 feet. I really thought that scene was going to end with Stiles disappointed, but that was really cute.
  • I missed Lydia and the whole storyline with Peter; hope she’s back next week.

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