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Dallas – Don’t drop the soap!

With only a couple of episodes left, 'Dallas' managed to deliver yet another captivating episode. Things are really starting to heat up with the Ewing clan! Here's hoping that nobody shoots J.R. ... again.

- Season 1, Episode 8 - "No Good Deed"

Ah, the surprises never seem to end on Dallas, do they? After last week’s eventful installment, things simply kept moving forward in this episode … and by moving forward, I mean that things practically exploded. Surely I can’t be the only one who was surprised at John Ross being taken to prison, can I? I didn’t anticipate that … neither did I anticipate the vicious beat down that was waiting on him behind bars.

Sheesh! That was pretty intense, wasn’t it? It’s common knowledge that I don’t really care for John Ross. I’m just not a fan. However, even I didn’t want to see the poor boy get his behind handed to him like that. It just isn’t civilized. Still, it seems to have had a rather interesting affect on him, don’t you think? After recovering in the hospital, we actually saw him shake hands with Christopher, the cousin he’s been feuding with since the start of the season.

So, does this mean that they are on the same side? One can never tell … especially when it comes to the dealing of Southfork. Speaking of which, it’s pretty clear that Rebecca really wants nothing to do with Southfork — at least not anymore. She seems pretty adamant about just washing her hands of her treacherous ways and simply starting anew with Christopher. Good for her, folks! Yet, it seems she has an obstacle to overcome in her brother … or as we learned last night, her non-related partner-in-crime.

I’m not going to lie — the kiss kind of took me by surprise. However, I always felt that they weren’t brother and sister. I always thought there was more to their plot. It is amazing how the writers are able to reveal shocking details about these wonderful characters as the season progresses. It’s a testament to their storytelling that they are able to keep things fresh.

Case in point — Sue Ellen.

Last week, I complained about her not having much to do in that particular episode. In this one, however, she’s back in top form making a shady deal — by bribing the medical examiner — that resulted in a murderer going free. Granted, she was only trying to do what she felt was best, but I wonder what this will mean for her campaign. Oh, the possibilities!

There are only two episodes left in this season and I can only imagine what the final cliffhanger will be. I’ll be fine as long as it isn’t Bobby stepping out of the shower again. What did you think about this week’s episode? Is there anything that you think needs improving? Are there any plots that genuinely surprised you? Sound off in the comments below!

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