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Bio: Jaylen Christie is a journalist, actor, humorist and devoted advocate of the unappreciated superhero Aquaman. Garnering a William Randolph Hearst award for outstanding editorial writing, and the Ida B. Wells award for the best writing for a collegiate newspaper, Christie really enjoys expanding upon a versatile resume. By day, he’s an actor appearing in community theatre productions, and by night, he is a fanatical television junkie with a love of quality programming and fizzy Mountain Dew. He’s also working on a series of comedic novels that will be … EPIC! Stay tuned!

Posts by Jaylen Christie

Royal Pains – Boris is back, baby!

With things coming to an eventful close, Boris returned in the penultimate episode of the fourth season of ‘Royal Pains’! Mix in some adoption issues with Paige, unrequited love for Jeremiah, and some serious hanky panky for Hank, and we’ve got ourselves an entertaining episode indeed!

Is Steve Harvey doing too much? – Clacking in Color

Comedian Steve Harvey has done it all. With a new talk show on the air, he’s now looking to conquer daytime television. In this week’s Clacking in Color, the hip column celebrating minorities on TV, writer Jaylen Christie wonders if Harvey is doing just a bit too much.

Royal Pains – It’s all about Paige!

Have the writers of ‘Royal Pains’ finally realized how to successfully juggle their main characters? Maybe. This time, Paige gets the spotlight and a lot more to do in an episode that was really fun and really gripping.

Who’s your favorite TV housekeeper? – Clacking in Color

Housekeeping isn’t for the faint of heart! Perchance that’s why TV maids and butlers keep things so gosh darn funny! In this week’s Clacking in Color, the groovy column celebrating minorities on TV, writer Jaylen Christie wants to know who your favorite TV maid or butler is … and why!

Royal Pains – Fifty shades of Divya

Well, things slowed down a bit with this installment of USA’s hit medical series, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t entertaining moments. With Jeremiah back and the return of a former love interest for Hank, ‘Royal Pains’ keeps things moving in a humdrum episode.

Michael Strahan to replace Regis Philbin?! Say what now? – Clacking in Color

It seems it’s time for Kelly Ripa to get a new co-host — and you’ll never believe who it is! In this week’s Clacking in Color, the cool column celebrating minorities on TV, writer Jaylen Christie gives his opinion on Regis Philbin’s funny replacement — NFL superstar Michael Strahan.

What’s funnyman Jamie Kennedy up to now? – Interview

Remember Jamie Kennedy? It’s impossible to forget the comedian considering how funny he is. As the host of a new game show and a few projects in development, it seems Kennedy is still hard at work. However, is there any chance we’ll see the return of ‘The Jamie Kennedy Experiment?’

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