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Royal Pains – It’s all about Paige!

Have the writers of 'Royal Pains' finally realized how to successfully juggle their main characters? Maybe. This time, Paige gets the spotlight and a lot more to do in an episode that was really fun and really gripping.

- Season 4, Episode 12 - "Hurts Like A Mother"

There’s only two more episodes left before the summer finale of Royal Pains and I’d be lying if I said things weren’t heating up. There have been mixed opinions regarding this particular season, but I think there have been more ups than downs. There’s been a lot going on. No lie there. This episode certainly was eventful with storylines that were definitely pushed in the right direction.

One of those storylines is the one revolving around Paige being adopted. Evan was able to talk her into finally visiting her folks after her stern father paid him a visit asking for his help. However, how many of us anticipated Paige’s biological mother showing up at the end of the episode to speak with her? I sure as hell didn’t. Drama is definitely on the horizon. I find this plot to be fascinating because it seems that the writers are really using Paige to her fullest potential. This keeps Evan busy as well, and it’s also infusing the show with a nice touch of suspense. Maybe this is the year of Paige.

Does the same hold true for Divya? Eh. Not really. You know, I like Divya. I really do. I’m glad that she’s got a handsome main squeeze … but I’m just not excited about what’s going on with her. It doesn’t seem to be contributing anything new to the show. Last night, she hosted a party for her boyfriend in order to have her friends meet him … and that’s about it. Sad. In my opinion, she hasn’t been doing much lately aside from sleeping with her new lover. To be honest, I’m much more interested in Jeremiah and his secret crush on Divya than Divya herself.

Well, I guess that crush is not so secret anymore. Evan pretty much put two and two together, but Jeremiah is keeping mumb for now. I don’t blame him. Heck, that’s his business. I feel sorry for him having to see Divya happy with someone else. Who knows? Maybe her boyfriend will die and Jeremiah can move in. I really hope that Divya at least gives him some sort of consideration. He really is a good guy. I think he’s awesome.

I also think Hank and Harper are awesome … but I believe they are moving a little too fast. Forgive me — but Hank seems to be a bit flighty. I don’t want to get into a rehash of his relationship with Jill, but he sure isn’t wasting anytime bed-hopping. Is he looking for a good time or looking for a girlfriend? That needs to be specified. Harper seems like a good girl, but I’d rather see them going on dates as opposed to be getting it on in Hank’s car … at least not yet. Does Hank even know what he wants?

I ain’t Dr. Phil.

I don’t have the answer. However, maybe you do! Weigh in and give me your opinions! What will Paige do when she finds out that her biological mother wants to see her? Will Evan even tell her? Will Jeremiah win over Divya? And will Hank get a clue? Sound off below!

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3 Responses to “Royal Pains – It’s all about Paige!”

September 6, 2012 at 11:58 PM

Jeremiah and Divya? Why would she settle for a nice guy when she can have heat with hot polo guy? Divya has always struck me as traveled and savy. The kind of woman that guys like Jeremiah go puppydog and fantasies about. Divya was looking for a man, not a boy, and she found one. Sorry, Jer, she’s out of your reach and out of your league. And Hank, gather ye rosebuds,Bro. If a backseat is what ya got and the lady is willing then bring your moves. Still not a fan of Evan.

September 7, 2012 at 8:28 PM

That is what i have been saying! Hank is moving WAY too fast. Did he even give a damn about Jill? Or he is just looking for the next woman to boink? He says he wants to get to know Harper but then within an episode or two he is screwing her in the back of a car?! What the hell? He says he wants to get to know a woman but he really doesn’t! Because he said the same about Cristina and he ended up boinking her too! So what gives?

They should just bring Jill back and let them be together. They had great chemistry and none of these other girls are doing it for me. Many fans said they find her annoying.

September 10, 2012 at 12:17 PM

the show seems to be doing a role reversal for the two brothers. In business, Evan is the risk-taker who jumps off the cliff, while Hank is ever-cautious and careful. Now, in their personal lives, Evan is the one in a solid, substantial relationship while Hank seems to flit from girl to girl. it makes for more interesting characters, really.

Divya is a good character, but the writers pretty clearly don’t know what to do with her beyond trying to deal with her relationships. Put her in professional conflict with the doctors in the service more often – she is clearly an effective medical professional – show her as such, please.

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