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Bio: Jaylen Christie is a journalist, actor, humorist and devoted advocate of the unappreciated superhero Aquaman. Garnering a William Randolph Hearst award for outstanding editorial writing, and the Ida B. Wells award for the best writing for a collegiate newspaper, Christie really enjoys expanding upon a versatile resume. By day, he’s an actor appearing in community theatre productions, and by night, he is a fanatical television junkie with a love of quality programming and fizzy Mountain Dew. He’s also working on a series of comedic novels that will be … EPIC! Stay tuned!

Posts by Jaylen Christie

Royal Pains – Off to the races!

Did somebody turn up the heat, because USA’s ‘Royal Pains’ is on fire! This week is drama, drama, drama! The return of Henry Winkler brings laughs, but a shocking twist has now added some much needed intrigue to this eventful season.

Why all the hate on Lucy Liu as Watson? – Clacking in Color

CBS’ ‘Elementary,’ a radical reboot of the Sherlock Holmes tale, hasn’t even premiered yet … but is getting a lot of buzz thanks to casting Lucy Liu as Watson. Some folks are mad. In this week’s Clacking in Color, writer Jaylen Christie wonders … what the heck is the big deal?

Necessary Roughness – TK’s got it bad

‘Necessary Roughness’ continues to entertain! How this show manages to keep TK busy is anyone’s guess, but once again the character is in trouble. Throw in a twist concerning Damon Razor and a funny subplot for Jeanette and we’ve got ourselves a damn show!

Royal Pains – Jeremiah has damn good taste

Beautiful settings, interesting medical cases, and sharp acting help keep ‘Royal Pains’ fresh! In this new episode, fans and casual viewers were hit with funny storylines that certainly entertained … and an interesting development in the series that better play out.

Can you imagine The Closer without Detective Gabriel? – Clacking in Color

Another good procedural has come to an end. Darn! In this week’s Clacking in Color, the enlightening column celebrating minorities on television, writer Jaylen Christie wonders how TNT’s ‘The Closer’ would have been without one of its main characters.

Dallas – Season one ends with a twist

‘Dallas’ ends its first TNT season with a finale that wraps up the majority of the storylines while setting up a few new ones. Every character is rewarded with juicy situations … and the cliffhanger is indeed very shocking! Rest assured, J.R. is still alive.

Disney’s Let It Shine is utterly entertaining – Clacking in Color

After becoming its most watched film of 2012, the latest Disney Channel original movie is now on DVD! In this week’s Clacking in Color, the fun column celebrating minorities on television, writer Jaylen Christie reviews the film ‘Let It Shine’ which features hip dance songs with an urban cast.

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