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Bio: Jaylen Christie is a journalist, actor, humorist and devoted advocate of the unappreciated superhero Aquaman. Garnering a William Randolph Hearst award for outstanding editorial writing, and the Ida B. Wells award for the best writing for a collegiate newspaper, Christie really enjoys expanding upon a versatile resume. By day, he’s an actor appearing in community theatre productions, and by night, he is a fanatical television junkie with a love of quality programming and fizzy Mountain Dew. He’s also working on a series of comedic novels that will be … EPIC! Stay tuned!

Posts by Jaylen Christie

Dallas – J.R. Ewing has a heart

With only one more installment left this season, ‘Dallas’ offered up one hell of a penultimate episode! J.R. is back in full swing … and while an unlikely duo is formed between two feuding Ewings, one Ewing contemplates giving up everything she worked so hard to obtain.

Royal Pains – Van Dyke and the bunny

With Jeremiah out this week, Van Dyke returns with a new problem … and you better believe it’s funny! It’s business as usual on ‘Royal Pains’ and the writers managed to deliver yet another entertaining installment!

Is Sofia Vergara getting paid a bit too much? – Clacking in Color

Doesn’t ‘Modern Family’s’ Sofia Vergara have enough cash? In this week’s ‘Clacking in Color,’ the fun column celebrating diversity on TV, writer Jaylen Christie wonders whether or not Vergara deserved that raise that she and the cast fought hard to obtain.

Royal Pains – Jeremiah treats a patient with green blood

Sometimes I wonder if the medical cases of ‘Royal Pains’ can happen in real life. Nevertheless, I was definitely intrigued by this week’s installment which featured more Paige and more Jeremiah! Good stuff, folks!

Dallas – Don’t drop the soap!

With only a couple of episodes left, ‘Dallas’ managed to deliver yet another captivating episode. Things are really starting to heat up with the Ewing clan! Here’s hoping that nobody shoots J.R. … again.

Is Arsenio Hall ready to return to late night TV? – Clacking in Color

Award winning comedian Arsenio Hall wants to return to late night television … but can he hold a candle to Leno and Letterman? In this week’s ‘Clacking in Color,’ the cool column celebrating diversity on TV, writer Jaylen Christie examines Hall’s talents to see if he has what it takes to make it!

Dallas – Beware crazy women

With only a few more episodes until the season finale, ‘Dallas’ offers up a shocker to satisfy fans; I’ll admit that I didn’t see it coming. The writers really know a thing or two about keeping the momentum going!

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