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Royal Pains – Van Dyke and the bunny

With Jeremiah out this week, Van Dyke returns with a new problem ... and you better believe it's funny! It's business as usual on 'Royal Pains' and the writers managed to deliver yet another entertaining installment!

- Season 4, Episode 8 - "Manimal"

I don’t care what anyone says about this season of Royal Pains but I’ve really been enjoying it. I won’t waste time talking about what has transpired in the past. Instead, I’ll press on to the future and focus on the positive. The writers offered up another entertaining episode featuring lots of laughs and just a bit of intrigue.

For starters, I did like seeing the return of Dr. Van Dyke. I was wondering where he’d disappeared to. It was interesting seeing Evan and Paige paired up with him in a funny storyline, but I have to admit that I did miss seeing Jeremiah. He’s grown on me. Still, how funny was it to see Van Dyke feeling utterly miserable over a bunny rabbit from his ex-girlfriend? While it did seem a bit out of character for him, I did find myself laughing at his overly exaggerated moping … especially after it was revealed that the poor bunny died.

One good thing that came out of the storyline was that we got to see a more serious side of Evan. I think it’s common knowledge that Evan is disliked among some fans, but it seems that he’s maturing. I’ll give him that. I enjoyed seeing Hank and Evan walking together on the beach and having a talk about how proud Hank is of his brother. That was nice. I’m a sucker for the tender moments between those brothers. I like them when they are on good terms.

I also like seeing more Boris. I’ve got to give it to Campbell Scott — the man knows how to keep that character fresh and intriguing. It’s cool how the writers have really worked him back into the show. Kinda makes you forget about Jack, huh? No? Okay, maybe I was wrong. The plot with Boris this week wasn’t really worthy of note, but it did set up the final scene with Hank seducing the pretty translator who happens to be very pretty. She is pretty, isn’t she? Yet I wonder how long she’ll be around. I won’t hold my breath.

Speaking of pretty women, Divya’s parent woes took a backseat this week. She played assistant to Hank on a medical case involving a veterinarian with some, um, medical issues. Yeah, it was pretty bland, but hey, at least we got to see a cow kick him in the face! I think I may have actually snorted. This episode was good and happened to be directed by Mr. Mark Feuerstein himself, which amazes me due to how much we actually got to see him on screen. There was also a cameo by Feuerstein’s father as the ice cream man. Keeping it all in the family, huh?

So, that does it for this week, folks. What do you think of season four so far? Don’t be a hater! Did you enjoy the return of Van Dyke? Did you miss Jeremiah? What do you think about Hank’s new love interest? Let me know! Seriously. I really have nothing better to do than to sit and wait for people to comment … so what are you waiting for? Comment!

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