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Bio: I've been told I would argue with a brick wall. The people that say that, rather sarcastically, have never seen me actually argue with a brick wall. But if you asked me directly if I argue with walls, I would not deny it. I'd also tell you I won that argument. I'm a rabble rouser ... I rouse rabbles.

Posts by Ivey West

Is Glee’s new direction enough to get me to stick around? Not so much

‘Glee’ fans have remained loyal to the show even though the last couple of seasons have seen a drop in quality. Will the fourth season turn that trend around? Spoiler Alert: Not for this former Gleek.

The Wire Virgin Diary – The Greek isn’t greek

‘The Wire’ lives up to its reputation as season two comes to a close, erasing all of my frustrations with the first half of the season.

Supernatural Virgin Diary – All good things …

Fans of ‘Supernatural’ are probably happy that this Virgin Diary is coming to a close. I didn’t fall in love with it like everyone expected me to.

The Wire Virgin Diary – The little king of everything

‘The Wire’s second season is coming to a close. For those of you that have seen it, you know that this means Ziggy does a stupid, stupid thing.

Falling Skies – Living on the razor’s edge of death

‘Falling Skies’ wraps up its second season with a cliffhanger. Does the introduction of a new alien force top the surprising cliffhanger of last season?

Rookie Blue – Goodbye Detective Barber

‘Rookie Blue’s’ 15 Division struggles with the loss of Det. Jerry Barber on both a personal and professional level.

Supernatural Virgin Diary – Reunited and it feels …

I finally return to my Virgin Diary of ‘Supernatural’ after too long of a break. Will Sam and Dean ever forgive me?

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