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Bio: I've been told I would argue with a brick wall. The people that say that, rather sarcastically, have never seen me actually argue with a brick wall. But if you asked me directly if I argue with walls, I would not deny it. I'd also tell you I won that argument. I'm a rabble rouser ... I rouse rabbles.

Posts by Ivey West

The Wire Virgin Diary – Frank vs the Greek

Season Two of ‘The Wire’ has been a struggle for me, but I enjoyed these episodes, probably because the case against the union boys is finally gathering some steam.

Falling Skies – Who is the real enemy?

The penultimate episode of ‘Falling Skies’ second season has the 2nd Mass trying to integrate themselves into Charleston society, but things do not go nearly as well as they’d hoped.

Rookie Blue – Officer down

‘Rookie Blue’ and 15 Division face the attack and abduction of one of their own, but the cost of saving Gail Peck is much higher than anyone could have expected.

The Wire Virgin Diary – Sometimes foreshadowing doesn’t work

My ‘The Wire’ Virgin Diary watch through continues. I will attempt to keep my complaining about season two to a minimum.

Falling Skies – Boulevard of broken dreams

‘Falling Skies’ 2nd Mass finally gets to Charleston, but will South Carolina live up to the dreams everyone has developed?

The Wire Virgin Diary – You don’t find Omar; Omar finds you

‘The Wire’s’ second season drags on as I continue my Virgin Diary review of the first two years of the much heralded show. Are things going to get better soon?

Quotation Marks – Warehouse 13, True Blood and Teen Wolf

Join the Clique as we look back at the last (two) weeks(s) in television quotes. If we missed your favorite, be sure to share it in the comments section!

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