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Bio: Member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association, podcaster, and full-time entertainment consumer based out of Washington DC. Some of his attempts at writing and talking can found at his website (

Posts by Jeremy Fogelman

Eagleheart – Chris sleeps with a tree

‘Eagleheart’ attacks hippies and loggers in its season 2 finale — sort of. Really, it’s an excuse to have a love scene with a tree.

Louie – Motorcycle crashes and black ex-wives

‘Louie’ goes low key in the season opener, choosing instead to just show a series of odd, awkward moments.

Franklin & Bash – Hey, look! More stunt casting!

‘Franklin & Bash’ ostensibly has an episode about rock & roll, but just gets odd in the end, and not in a good way.

Franklin & Bash – Kidnapped Dogs & Cheesy Guns

Franklin & Bash do a “Hey, it’s Cybill Shepard and Seth Green” — but that’s really it.

Girls – How ’bout a crazy wedding?

‘Girls’ ends the season with an odd episode, wrapping up a few storylines but really just showing how crazy these girls really are.

Eagleheart – The power of homeless imagination

‘Eagleheart’ doesn’t bother with subtlety this week, going straight for laughs and nonsense.

Franklin & Bash – Look, it’s Jane Seymour!

Franklin & Bash make fun of costumed vigilantes and “MILFS”, with special guest stars Sean Astin and Jane Seymour (guess who plays which one!)

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