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Bio: Member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association, podcaster, and full-time entertainment consumer based out of Washington DC. Some of his attempts at writing and talking can found at his website (

Posts by Jeremy Fogelman

Louie – Time for a hilarious guest star/girlfriend!

‘Louie’ decides to listen to his kids and start dating for reals. For reals.

Franklin & Bash – Can women fight on the front lines?

“Franklin & Bash” tackles the controversy of women fighting in the military, with just enough time for some character development on the side.

Louie – A trip to the fake and the real Miami

‘Louie’ goes on the road to Miami, but ends up talking about the sometimes poignant concern that even straight men have problems.

Anger Management – Not really much anger this time

‘Anger Management’ delivers an episode that wants to tell a funny turnaround point about attraction, but it ends up being sort of bland.

Franklin & Bash – A few stereotypes, a lot of “Classic F&B”

“Franklin & Bash” focuses on a simple plot with a lot of jury and witness trickery. Decently amusing.

Louie – The gorilla in the room

‘Louie’ sort of asks the question: Can a man be raped? And will he still enjoy it? Also, who didn’t let the gorilla into the ballet?

Franklin & Bash – Gay jokes & random filler

‘Franklin & Bash’ has an episode where Reed Diamond’s Damien shines, and everything else is as forgettable as per usual.

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