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Bio: Annoys people, doesn't sleep nearly as much as he should, doesn't naps, life-long carnivore, beats dead horses (metaphorically speaking, of course), refuses to drink bottled water ...

Posts by Michael Noble

Wilfred – One of those “cutesy” episodes

While rather cheesecake, there was still something to come out of this chapter of ‘Wilfred’ in the form of redemption.

So You Think You Can Dance – Pole dancing and dub stepping right into the winner’s circle

The dancing is over. Everything to come in next week’s finale is just for show. Tonight was the night all the marbles got tossed in the mix and get put into the whole enchilada to be voted on. And … pole dancing …

MasterChef – Who won season 3?

Going into the season finale, the contestant to take the trophy on ‘MasterChef’ could have been either Josh or Christine. So the real question is: Did the ultimate winner deserve the honor?

CommercialClack – Cadillac believes you think with your ass

Someone’s been poking Michael with a stick again. He’s up in arms about the latest Cadillac ad. Grab some popcorn, sit back and let’s watch him rant and rave in this week’s CommercialClack.

So You Think You Can Dance – Best show of the season

‘SYTYCD’ was jam-packed with superb performances. Fans of the show wait for this episode every year. You don’t know when it’s coming … all of a sudden it’s just there.

MasterChef – I was wrong about the Top 2

The best thing about my incorrect choices this season of ‚Äč’MasterChef’ is that they’re forcing unexpected and interesting viewing on me.

Grimm – More kissing, more revelations

As with all things in life, we find food heals all wounds. It’s the same on ‘Grimm’ one could be led to believe …

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