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Ratings Clack – What is that Olympic Promotion worth?

The first results of NBC’s Olympic promotion are in, and they’re not encouraging. Over on cable, the news was much better for TNT with their big series finale for ‘The Closer’, and premiere of ‘Major Crimes’.

by Brett Love

Falling Skies – Living on the razor’s edge of death

‘Falling Skies’ wraps up its second season with a cliffhanger. Does the introduction of a new alien force top the surprising cliffhanger of last season?

by Ivey West

Falling Skies – Who is the real enemy?

The penultimate episode of ‘Falling Skies’ second season has the 2nd Mass trying to integrate themselves into Charleston society, but things do not go nearly as well as they’d hoped.

by Ivey West

Ratings Clack – The Olympics continue to dominate

The Olympics continued to dominate all of television, moving into position to pass the Beijing games as the most watched TV event in US history. On cable, ‘Dallas’ wrapped season one on a good note.

by Brett Love

Falling Skies – Boulevard of broken dreams

‘Falling Skies’ 2nd Mass finally gets to Charleston, but will South Carolina live up to the dreams everyone has developed?

by Ivey West

Ratings Clack – Olympics are off to a great start

If there’s one thing we all have learned by this point… people, in the general, do like a good opening ceremony. As expected, the ‘Olympic Games’ got off to a great start for NBC. Over on cable, the starts weren’t quite as good for ‘Warehouse 13′ and ‘Alphas’.

by Brett Love

The cast of Falling Skies at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Spending time with the cast of ‘Falling Skies’ was one of the highlights of my time at Comic-Con this year. They were tight lipped about the rest of this season, but here’s some of what they shared with us.

by Ivey West
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