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The cast of Falling Skies at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Spending time with the cast of 'Falling Skies' was one of the highlights of my time at Comic-Con this year. They were tight lipped about the rest of this season, but here's some of what they shared with us.

Falling Skies has enjoyed a decent amount of critical success in its first season and a half, and was recently picked up for a third season. I had the opportunity to sit down with some of the cast and crew at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month. They were all understandingly tight-lipped about what was going to happen in the final episodes of the second season, but they did share a couple of tidbits:

  • Everyone was excited about the season three pick up: Colin Cunningham said that knowing he would be working is one thing, but working with these folks was “a whole other step of awesome.”
  • I have always been a big fan of Jessy Schram – I even told her how much I liked her time on Veronica Mars (and her work on Life was even better) – and have really enjoyed her return to the 2nd Mass. She did too, saying it was fun “stirring up the dirt in a different sort of way.”
  • Moon Bloodgood was also happy to have Jessy back, talking about how unnerving Karen’s turn was considering Jessy’s “angelic” face.
  • I have been especially interested in the dynamic between Noah Wyle’s Tom and Will Patton’s Weaver. Patton shut me down pretty quickly when I asked him if Weaver should trust Tom after his time on the ship. He did say that he was still “keeping an eye on him” though.
  • Tom’s decision to get on that ship last season changed everything, but one of the more unexpected results was the realization that Tom had was that they would only find resolution of their conflict with the aliens on the battlefield.
  • I was curious about Charleston; in just a couple of episodes it has become a near mythical destination; Wyle confirms that we will get to Charleston this season, with a couple of episodes to spare to tell the story of what the 2nd Mass finds when they get there.
  • Producer Remi Aubuchon (SGU, Persons Unknown) has joined the show in the second season, which turned out to be a unique experience. He talked about being able to watch the first season as a fan, completely unspoiled – though he did panic a little when Tom walked onto the alien ship.
  • Because our Editor Keith McDuffee spoke with Aubuchon earlier this year about what would have happened on Persons Unknown in future season, it was ironic when the new producer spoke about their plans for the story. The writers have the end of the series fairly well in mind, and a rough sketch of what happens in between. The stories in the next couple of seasons in particular are already broken.
  • I was late to the party on the relationship between Hal and Maggie, but it sounds like Drew Roy and Sarah Carter are enjoying its progress. Carter in particular talked about the deftness the writers have shown in letting things develop naturally, especially considering what both have been through before and after the invasion.


Photo Credit: Ivey West

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